Welcome to my website

For me, my website is like an online attic. It is that private place hidden away in cyber space where this old man is stashing his life long harvest of treasures, and where you, dear reader, can crawl in, rummage around, pick up this or that, and wonder, wander, and ponder with me this world as I have been blessed to see it.



I am a sinner. It may seem self serving to open my profile with such words but it is the only way I know to alert my readers that there are many painful passages in my life that will remain between me and my God. This site is about the blessings.

Below is what is said about me:

Alvin Alexsi Currier is most widely known for his children’s books and his passionate fascination with Eastern Orthodox European history, folklore, customs, and traditions. He is also recognized as an artist and illustrator. Born in 1932 in Minneapolis, he studied at Macalester College, Union Theological Seminary, and the Free University of Berlin. Ordained a Presbyterian pastor in 1956, he served for 35 years that included an exchange pastorate in Germany, and 11 years as a College Chaplain. Finding his spiritual roots in the ancient Eastern tradition, after retirement in 1991 he was received as a layman in the Orthodox Church. For the next 15 years he and his wife Anastasia supported themselves by arranging European tours and pilgrimages. This vocation allowed them to travel widely in the Orthodox world. They now live in retirement in Cumberland, Wisconsin.